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About Ed Slott's Elite IRA Advisor Group

Are you seeking advanced, on-going training that will make a specific difference in the success of your business? Are you searching for a network of competent, educated financial advisors with which to discuss best practices and marketing ideas? Are you looking to brand yourself as a top-level advisor who invests in both their clients and their business? 

Ed Slott's Elite IRA Advisor Group℠ is an exclusive organization of financial advisors who are dedicated to being leaders in the IRA industry. Ed Slott has created Ed Slott's Elite IRA Advisor Group℠ as a single resource for serious professionals. Ed Slott's Elite IRA Advisors are equipped with up-to-date tools and resources to help their clients, brand their business and reach new, high-net-worth prospects.

To be eligible to join Ed Slott's Elite IRA Advisor Group℠, you must complete Ed Slott and Company's 2-Day IRA Workshop or Ed Slott and Company's eSeminar Series.

Check out the tabs below for membership benefits, workshop dates and locations, testimonials from like-minded advisors and answers to frequently asked questions!

Members of Ed Slott’s Elite IRA Advisor GroupSM receive benefits that range from on-site technical training to marketing materials and connections with the nation’s top media sources.

Membership Benefits Include:

  • 2 workshops per year with Ed Slott, our technical experts, and guest speakers from Ed Slott and Company's network of expert colleagues with cutting-edge, practice-building ideas
  • Access to the Elite section of with a wealth of resources ONLY for our Elite advisors, including Ed Slott and Company's custom-designed modules - diagnostic checklists that advisors can use to ensure that their clients' IRAs are set up and maintained correctly
  • Live Q&A webcasts
  • Immediate updates via video and email alerts, handouts, charts and/or social media on the latest changes to IRA tax laws
  • Listed on our website's "Find an Advisor" search as an Ed Slott Elite IRA Advisor
  • IRA technical experts to answer your tough questions
  • Connections with media sources who are interested in interviewing TOP financial advisors in the country
  • Sure-fire outflow pieces to attract new IRA assets from other less-informed advisors
  • A monthly subscription to the online version of Ed Slott’s IRA Advisor Newsletter—includes all issues dating back to 2001!

Ed Slott’s Elite IRA Advisor GroupSM meets twice per year to tackle the latest IRA and tax law updates, network with like-minded financial professionals and receive expert technical and marketing information from the nation’s top financial minds.

Below is information for our next workshop.

May 17-19, 2018October 25-27, 2018

Sheraton Philadelphia Downtown Hotel
201 N 17th St
Philadelphia, PA 19103
(215) 448-2000

Loews Coronado Bay Resort
4000 Coronado Bay Rd.
Coronado, CA 92118
(619) 424-4000


Please check the membership section of the website for the full workshop schedule along with dates and times for your applicable group number.

“I have been involved in this group for the last six years, and it has given me the knowledge to truly impact my clients’ lives and their families.  What a gift.”
—Tom Till

“Ed and his staff make the difficult easy and have the answers when I need them.  He is always in search of better tools and greater results for me.”
—Joe Clark

“I highly recommend Ed and his first-class Elite Group to anyone who wants a top-notch education and a leg up in this industry.  This is one of THE BEST decisions I have ever made for my business.”
—Brad Pistole

“I consider my Ed Slott Master Elite status more meaningful and more valuable for my clients than all of my other professional designations combined.”
—Ed Kelly

“Any advisor serious about retirement planning should invest in their future and their clients’ futures by joining Ed Slott’s Elite IRA Advisor GroupSM.  The best of the best in IRA education and planning strategies, the best of the best financial advisors.”
—Craig Adamson

"Ed's organization is an invaluable resource to our company.  If I had to spend the time and resources necessary to know this material, it would be a full-time job. I would recommend his group to any advisor that is serious about serving their clients' best interest."
Alan McKnight

"This organization is the best organization that exists when it comes to IRAs and retirement distribution planning."
Andrew Brown

"The Ed Slott material is the best in the business. I am definitely a better advisor because I have learned and continue to learn from him and his team."
—Sam Keck

"Ed Slott's group IS the difference maker."
—Gary Reed

"Exceptionally focused and talented presenters, unconditionally superb updates and resources. Any financial planner ignoring Ed Slott and Company is already out of business and just doesn't know it."
Alan Kifer

“I have been in this business for over 30 years, and until I became an Ed Slott Elite Advisor, I didn't understand the intricate rules governing the contributions and distributions with IRAs.”
—Bill Jones

Click each question for corresponding answer.

1. I have seen advisors market themselves as members of Ed Slott's Elite IRA Advisor Group℠. What is the difference between the terms "Elite" and "Master Elite?"

A member of Ed Slott's Master Elite IRA Advisor Group℠ has been a member for two consecutive years or longer.

These members have completed training on all of our modules - thorough, diagnostic checklists created specifically for members of Ed Slott's Elite IRA Advisor Group℠. Our modules lay a strong foundation for delving into this expert information and mastering retirement distribution planning. Members of Ed Slott's Master Elite IRA Advisor Group℠ also may use this respective logo and title within their marketing and branding.

Benefits and pricing are the same for Master and Elite members.

2. How does Ed Slott and Company, LLC maintain quality control within their group of advisors? What are the requirements of being a part of this prestigious group?

Members must successfully pass our bi-annual exams based on material covered during our workshops and webcasts. Our members are required to attend at least 1 of the 2 workshops per year. We encourage attendance at both - they are included in membership fees and allow you to get the most information and networking benefits from membership!

If a workshop or webcast is missed, the materials are posted in the Elite section of this website so that our advisors do not miss a beat.

3. How many "leads" can members of Ed Slott's Elite IRA Advisor Group℠ expect to generate by being listed on the "Find An Advisor Search?"

Ed Slott's Elite IRA Advisor Group℠ is a study-based group. Our mission is to match consumers with educated, competent financial advisors, and part of fulfilling that mission is to supply consumers who visit the Find an Advisor section with contact information for advisors who train with Ed on a continuous basis.

This being said, referrals from our website vary greatly from advisor to advisor. Some have received many, and some have received none. We stress that when making the decision to become an Elite advisor, to realize it is first, foremost and finally a commitment and investment in education and an aid to clients, rather than a lead-generating group.

4. I've completed Ed Slott and Company's 2-Day IRA Workshop and/or eSeminar. How is Ed Slott's Elite IRA Advisor Group℠ different?

Ed Slott and Company's 2-Day and eSeminar series are both stand-alone programs, meant to provide a strong basis across all aspects of retirement distribution planning.

Ed Slott's Elite IRA Advisor Group℠ builds on that foundation, probing further into complicated tax laws and case studies through webcasts, email updates and workshops, as well as providing resources such as Ed Slott's IRA Advisor newsletter, charts, articles white papers and custom-designed modules. The group strives to assist members in positioning themselves as Ed Slott-trained advisors, through specific and customizable products, connections with media sources, and business-building techniques as well as networking time with the nation's top advisors.

Ed Slott and Company's 2-Day and eSeminar series are classified as Intermediate Level, whereas Ed Slott's Elite IRA Advisor Group℠ workshops are Expert Level.

5. What is the first step in joining Ed Slott's Elite IRA Advisor Group℠?

The first step is completing a 2-Day IRA Workshop or all 7 sessions of our eSeminar. Then you must fill out a Membership Agreement and go through a satisfactory background check. Please contact Ilana Slott at (516) 536-8282 or at for more information on upcoming groups and to complete this agreement.

6. What is the retention rate within this group?

We have a retention rate of about 90%.

7. Who makes up Ed Slott's Elite Elite IRA Advisor Group℠? How do I tell if the group is for me? Who is a typical member?

Our group encompasses a range of financial advisors, CPAs, EAs, estate planning attorneys and insurance agents. Many of our members are Independent, representing well over 25 different broker dealers. 80% of our members are an RIA, 30% have their own RIA. Joining this group allows for networking with high-caliber advisors, who have an average of 20+ years in the business, average over $50,000,000 in assets under management and have an average GDC of over $500,000.

8. How does Ed Slott and Company help their members position themselves as experts in the field?

Ed Slott and Company strives to assist members in positioning themselves as Ed Slott-trained advisors, through our specific resources and customizable products, connections with media sources, and business-building techniques as well as idea-sharing and networking time built into workshops. We have resources to connect with Ed's Public Televisions specials, and whenever there is a major change to the tax law or IRS code, we supply our members with easy-to-share explanations via video, email, handouts, charts and/or social media so they can position themselves as experts within their network of centers of influence, clients and prospects. For a more detailed conversation, call Ilana Slott, Member Relations Manager at (516) 536-8282.