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Trust as IRA Beneficiary

Trust was named as IRA beneficiary (on beneficiary paperwork)
IRA owner subsequently dies
After owners passing its determined the attorney never got around to drafting the trust.

Who inherits the IRA? I would think the contingent beneficiary (assuming one was named) and if not the custodial agreement default.

Is there a strategy to draft a see-through trust post-death?

All guidance/director is much appreciated

is it best to name person as beneficiaries, or a trust?

is it best to name human or trust ?

In general, it's better to name individuals as beneficiaries instead of a trust.  In response to the first question, if the trust never existed then I would view it as an invalid beneficiary designation and look for a contingent, then if there is no contingent look to see what the default designation is in the agreement.


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