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"12 Traps to Avoid when Converting to a Roth"

Having read an excellent article by Retirement Weekly ("12 Traps to Avoid When Converting to a Roth") of which there is a link leading to it on the Ed Slott website, one can attest that this piece is simply a must-read for anyone considering converting to a Roth or to people who are in an advisory capacity (such as financial planners) towards those considering this significant move. If you think you know "pretty much all the potential pitfulls" regarding a Roth conversion.....you may reconsider after reading this article. Several of the 12 potential traps (or landmines) are ones that you RARELY read about on financial planning websites. Make sure you read it and perhaps run off some copies. A lot of financial planners' clients will thank you for it. Howard S. Sample Toledo

Howard you are absoutley correct. It is a must read article. Thanks Marvin

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