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RMD Distributions

A client died prior to taking all of his RMD for 2019. His wife, 68 was the beneficiary and received the assets into her own IRA. She has taken distributions from her IRA this year prior to his death. Will her distributions count toward her deceased husbands RMD for 2019?

No, she must complete his RMD after his death, therefore distributions prior to his death do not count toward completing of his year of death RMD. How did she move the inherited assets to her own IRA? If she took an actual distribution from the beneficiary IRA, that is treated as applied to the year of death RMD and the amount applied to that RMD is not eligible for rollover. If rolled over anyway, it is an excess IRA contribution to her IRA. However, if the funds were moved by direct transfer (no 1099R), then she must still complete the year of death RMD.


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