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Looking for Financial Advisor in the Northridge, CA area

I recently came across this site in researching a resolution for excess contributions to my ROTH IRA for the last 4 years. I was thoroughly impressed by the expertise level of knowledge in the responses I found in these forums. The likes of Alan Oniras are very impressive. In any case, I'd love to connect to someone from this community who is or can recommend a financial adviser who is well versed in tax law - around the Sherman Oaks/Northridge area.

My background is as a former Big4 auditor and CPA, but have transitioned my career to software sales. I would love to connect with someone who has a wealth of experience as I look for a comprehensive financial plan. Most "financial advisers" I've met are simply trying to sell you life insurance.


  • If you have a question regarding tax law or any other area of law you may wish to consult with a lawyer.
  • Most people who call themselves financial advisors are selling something or trying to get you to pay a percentage of assets to have them manage your assets.  There are a few who actually provide advice and charge on a time basis.  Some are listed at garrettfinancialnetwork.com .

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