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Back Door Roth Conversion with 403(b)

Can you roll the tax deductible IRA contributions and accumulated income to a Schwab 403(b) and do a back door Roth? In short convert the nondeductible IRA contributions to a Roth? I believe the Schwab 403(b) was established when the client's contributions to a 403(b) as a teacher were rolled into her Schwab 403(b) account.

Many thanks as always!!!

Mary Dean

  • You do not rollover from a 403b to another 403b. This was either a "contract exchange" from one 403b provider to another 403b provider or this was a rollover of a 403b plan to a rollover IRA. Which was it?
    • If Schwab was an alternate provider in the 403b plan (uncommon) and the Schwab 403b accepts IRA rollovers. You can rollover all pre-tax assets and only pre-tax assets in all traditional, SEP IRA and SIMPLE IRA accounts to the Schwab 403b and then do a Roth conversion of any non-deductible basis.
    • If not and this was rolled over to a rollover IRA, it will not help.

Thank you for your prompt response.  15 to 20 years ago Schwab did have 403(b)s where you could rollover other 403(b)s.  I never saw them as school teacher contracts.  We used them on several occasions.  They discontinued allowing the rollovers roughly 15 years ago.  I believe it was due to additional liabilities imposed on 403(b) providers.  As such the client has money in a Schwab 403(b).  We will check with Schwab if they accept IRA rollovers.    


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