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Rollover IRA vs. Trad. IRA


Have a high net worth client; however, most of his wealth is in non-retirement investment portfolio.

Has a Trad. IRA worth $190k. Also has an old employer 401k Plan worth roughly $100k.

Will be rolling over the old 401k Plan (both to consolidate; provide additional investment flexibility as well as ensure just 1 RMD when he turns 72 in another year); however, is there any reason why this can't go into the $180k Trad. IRA given their respective values? Would prefer not having to set up another account (Rollover Trad. IRA) if this isn't necessary based on the values.

Thank you!


Considering total high net worth, if these are his only retirement accounts, they can be combined into the current TIRA account. If he has other retirement accounts and lives in a state with poor IRA creditor protection, please advise. Also, consider any highly appreciated employer stock in the 401k for NUA potential.


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