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Roth IRA taxability of withdrawals

Alice age 71 in 2014 inherits a Roth IRA from Barbara age 75 a, friend with a balance of $75,000
I understand there are new tables effective 1/1/2022 to compute the RMD for 2022 based on the 12/31/21
balance which is $50,000.
1. What is the amount for Barbara to take in 2022
2. Is this amount reportable on o\form 1040
3. But this amount is not taxable to Barbara?

You mean what is Alice's RMD? Barbara is deceased. Are their respective ages correct?

1.  and 3,  should be Alice .  Also #2 what is Alice amount to report as RMD in her 2022 form 1040,  Ages are correct, in 2014 Alice was 71 and Barbara was 75 in 2014 when she died

  1. DIvisor is 10.2 for 2022 and RMD is 4,901.96.
  2. This is reported on Form 1040, line 4a. Form 8606 is not needed.
  3. Since the Roth is qualified, the distribution is tax free, therefore nothing goes on line 4b.
  4. 2023 divisor will be 9.2.

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