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Midyear checkup on required minimum distributions

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Any IRA owner turning age 72 this year will have a required minimum distribution due for 2021, but the due date for taking that RMD will depend on the half of the year in which they were born. June 30 is the cut-off date when the transition to the SECURE Act age 72 RMD rule becomes complete. The SECURE Act raised the RMD age for owners of individual retirement account owners and certain retirement plan participants from 70½ to 72, but only for those who turned 70½ in 2020 or later.

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Special-Needs Trusts: How They Work and What Has Changed

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Can you explain how a special-needs trust works? We have an adult child on disability and have been told we can set up a special-needs trust for her. We have an individual retirement account that we could assign to the trust, but we aren’t sure what the tax requirements are or if there has to be a required minimum distribution.

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Borrowing From an IRA to Buy Real Estate

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

The real estate market is hot. It is a seller’s market in much of the country and buyers face challenges. They may need to move quickly or come up with cash fast to make a better offer. They may also need to show adequate resources to get financing. Realtors and mortgage brokers eager to close a deal may encourage buyers to tap any available resource to secure a dream property.

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IRS clarifies the 10-year rule, but with added confusion

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

The issue involves the 10-year rule that most non-spouse designated beneficiaries (like adult children or grandchildren, and certain qualifying trusts) who inherit individual retirement accounts will be subject to under the SECURE Act. It was expected that the 10-year rule would work the same way as the 5-year rule: There wouldn’t be annual required minimum distributions, but the entire inherited IRA account balance would have to be withdrawn by the end of the 10-year term.

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Seven Retirement Myths Debunked

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Searching for "retirement planning rules" produces 221 million results on Google. Yes, there's a lot of advice out there. But even the most common tips can put you on the wrong path, leading to retirement planning mistakes. Here are some of the leading legends, and why they should be taken with a large helping of salt:

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Congress, stop the madness and eliminate RMDs

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Congress has come up with what some are calling SECURE 2.0, or Son of SECURE  a bill entitled Securing a Stronger Retirement Act that includes many positive changes to encourage retirement savings. However, one seemingly pointless proposal in the legislation would raise the required minimum distribution age from 72 to 75 over 10 years. Most advisers might argue that consumers will probably love this.

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