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Complete 5 Easy Steps Package

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This complete set of 22 single-page white papers breaks down essential retirement, tax and IRA planning processes.

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  • Calculating the Pro-Rata Rule
  • Calculating Your Required Minimum Distribution
  • Planning for Multiple Beneficiaries
  • Fixing a Missed Required Minimum Distribution
  • Avoiding Charitable IRA Mistakes
  • Avoiding 60-Day Rollover Mistakes
  • Avoiding the 10% Penalty
  • Protecting an IRA From Prohibited Transactions
  • Avoiding Spousal Beneficiary Mistakes
  • Avoiding 72(t) Mistakes
  • Avoiding Mistakes in a Divorce
  • To Convert or Not to Convert
  • Determining Tax on Roth Distributions
  • Planning For a Disclaimer
  • Recharacterizing a Roth Conversion
  • Calculating NUA
  • Using a Tax Refund to Fund an IRA
  • Calculating an IRD Deduction

4 additional FREE

  • Choosing the Right Tax Professional
  • Choosing the Right Financial Advisor
  • Navigating Health Care Taxes
  • Examining Qualifying Longevity Annuity Contracts

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