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Fund Your Future: A Tax-Smart Savings Plan in Your 20s and 30s

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Ed Slott's Fund Your Future provides a tax-smart savings plan for recent college graduates, young professionals and those just starting a family and individuals who are determined to take ownership of their financial well-being.

This book will detail how to: create a savings blueprint, contribute to savings vehicles such as Roth IRAs and employer plans, convert tax-deferred (tax-infested) savings to tax-free territory, take money out of retirement accounts if the need arises and build a team of financial professionals that work for you.

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Fund Your Future$12.95
Fund Your Future (25-pack)$273.75
Fund Your Future (50-pack)$497.50
Fund Your Future (250-pack)$2,237.50
Fund Your Future (500-pack)$3,975.00