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Savvy IRA Planning with Ed Slott and Company

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Get the IRA planning expertise you need to educate clients and unlock retirement assets.

You're invited to join Savvy IRA Planning with Ed Slott and Company. This program is a comprehensive new resource designed to build your expertise and then get you in front of clients and prospects who need guidance on the complexities of financing retirement.

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The program includes:

  • 2 comprehensive guides that deliver knowledge and insight on the major aspects of smart IRA planning and answer 150 difficult IRA questions
  • 4-part webinar training series that details the key material within the program
  • 2 FINRA-reviewed presentations with PowerPoint slides and speaker notes
  • FINRA-reviewed marketing toolkit with PDF templates for posters, postcards and press releases
  • FINRA-reviewed reference for client and prospect distribution
  • FINRA-reviewed 5 article reprints that can be branded with your contact information, photo and logo
  • Private website with instant access to program elements
  • Monthly e-newsletter with answers to select subscriber IRA questions
  • 90-question online CE exams complete with certificate of completion. 12 CFP credits will be available starting in March.
  • Quarterly subscriber-only webinars
  • BONUS MATERIALS! 23 single-page IRA white papers, 5 copies of 3 IRA pamphlets and discounted in-depth assistance from Ed Slott and Company
  • First-year license to deliver the seminar presentations to clients and prospects for 12 months

Go to Horsesmouth's website for more information and to order

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