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Definitive Guide to Required Minimum Distributions for Baby Boomers

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The Definitive Guide to Required Minimum Distributions for Baby Boomers is your 40+ page electronic authority on the foundational principles and detailed strategies that will allow you to answer key questions and position yourself as an expert.

An advisor's proper understanding of the required minimum distribution (RMD) rules is both a necessity and a rarity. That's a bad combination for the 10,000 Baby Boomers retiring each day.

Why is RMD knowledge so important?

  • It's one aspect of retirement distribution planning that impacts nearly all clients at one point or another
  • Messing up the RMD rules can have serious consequences for a client - a missed RMD or shortfall is subject to a 50% penalty!
  • The very first Baby Boomers were subject to RMDs for their own retirement accounts in 2016 - and the number of Boomers are increasing each year!

A lot of people are about to deal with RMDs. And unfortunately, that likely means a lot of people are about to make a lot of very costly errors.

You have a choice. Be prepared to answer client questions, save relationships and capture new IRA business OR watch as the educated advisor passes you by.

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