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15 Things You Need to Know About ESAs

Education is expensive. If you have children and you are concerned about how you will pay the school bills, you know that you cannot afford to overlook any possible option that may help you save. One savings tool that is frequently overlooked is the Education Savings Account (ESA). Here are 15 things you need to know about ESAs.

Can I "Superfund" a 529 College Plan For My Grandchild?

This week's Slott Report Mailbag looks "superfunding" a 529 college plan and goes a step further on a question answered in last week's mailbag on IRA annuities.

Extenders Bill Poised To Make Big Changes: What You Need to Know

It’s taken almost a full year – literally – but Congress is finally set to pass an appropriations act, which will include the much anticipated extenders bill. However, this isn’t your run-of-the-mill extenders bill. This year’s version of the extenders bill permanently extends several key tax provisions, including the QCD (Qualified Charitable Distribution) provision that allows certain IRA owners to give IRA funds directly to charity without having to include them in income. Stuffed into the bill under a section appropriately titled “Miscellaneous Provisions” are several other changes to the tax law – that have nothing to do with the extenders – but that may impact your planning for one or more reasons. The following is a brief summary of some of the most important provisions in the law.

How Retirees Can Fund an Education Savings Account with Their RMD

Are you retired and taking required minimum distributions (RMDs) from your traditional IRA? If you don't need the RMD money to live, there's a surprising suggestion that would help save for a child's education expenses.

3 Reasons to Use a Roth IRA Over a 529 Plan for Education Savings

For some time now, the cost of a college degree has been rising at perilously high rates, and as a result, the dream of one day going to college, for many, remains just that ... a dream. With college tuition and associated costs rising so dramatically, it’s no surprise that people are looking for new and creative ways to save for these expenses. One such alternative method involves the use of a Roth IRA over more traditional college savings vehicles, such as 529 plans and Coverdell education savings account. Here are three reasons why it may be a good move.

Happy Parenthood! 3 Tax Planning Moves To Consider Making For Your New Child

3 tax planning moves for new child
I’m still having a hard time believing it's true, but by the end of tomorrow, I'm going to become a father for the first time. I am obviously super excited and can't wait to experience all the joys – and even some of the pains – of fatherhood. I know that being a father is nothing to take lightly and there are many responsibilities. Some of the responsibilities are financially-oriented and for a few of those, there are tax efficient ways of achieving one's goals. Now obviously, everybody’s situation is different, but below are 3 tax-planning moves I plan to make as soon as possible once I become a father. Perhaps one or more of them is relevant for you and your planning.

Slott Report Mailbag: Can I Claim Roth IRA Losses on My Tax Form?

A new tax law brings a lot of indecision, and we expect the questions to start pouring in over the Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012. In the short term, we continue to see many questions about how to forge forward with proper planning in 2013, outside any of the tax provisions from the new law. This week's Slott Report Mailbag tackles Roth conversion income limits, Roth recharacterizations and the rules governing IRA distributions.

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