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A Preview of Ed Slott’s New Book: The New Retirement Savings Time Bomb

If you’re a dedicated Ed Slott and Company fan, at this point, you’ve likely heard about my upcoming new book, The New Retirement Savings Time Bomb (Penguin Random House, 2021). If you haven’t, then you’ve come to the right place to get a sneak peek of the timely, all-encompassing content it contains to navigate the retirement planning landscape in 2021 and beyond. It’s already a #1 new release in the retirement planning category on Amazon, and it’s still only available for presale!

Fox Business Channel: Why Your Retirement Is At Risk

Your retirement is at risk - but it's not necessarily because of the reasons you might think. Ed Slott sat down with Fox Business Channel's Mornings with Maria to discuss why taxes are your retirement's public enemy No. 1. Some financial advisors don't know the ever-changing tax rules, others make IRA rollover mistakes that can wipe out a client's life savings and even others don't know how to deal with inherited IRAs and the pitfalls that can befall beneficiaries.

New Ed Slott and Company Resource, IRA Focus

Ed Slott IRA education and outflow resource
10,000 Baby Boomers retire every day. IRAs make up the largest single share of the retirement market with an estimated $7.3 trillion in assets. This isn't an imposing challenge for your business. It's an immense opportunity. So, how do you reach these individuals, help them navigate Uncle Sam, live the retirement of their dreams and leave a legacy for their heirs? The answer is this new resource from Ed Slott and Company.

Ed Slott's Retirement Road Map Now Airing Nationally

Ed Slott shows how to take retirement savings on a permanent vacation from taxes and avoid Uncle Sam in his new Public Television Special, Ed Slott's Retirement Road Map! This program is filled with the ingredients that made Ed's previous programs so successful - wisdom, humor and insight, helping viewers navigate the potholes, detours and road blocks to a prosperous and worry-free retirement. Learn how to move your retirement savings from accounts that are forever taxed to accounts that are never taxed.

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Several critical tax rules will affect financial advisors' earning potential in 2015. You need to be armed with the knowledge to both gain new business and make sure your current clients avoid costly errors. Register today for Ed's webcasts.

Be Diligent When Your Employer Terminates Your Company's Retirement Plan

A recent IRS private letter ruling (PLR) showcased what can happen when a company retirement plan is terminated, and a common mistake that can occur when paying out those funds to employees or ex-employees. When a company retirement plan such as a 401(k) plan is terminated, the company has to go through a lot of formal steps to terminate it beyond simply deciding to discontinue the plan. These steps as well as what you can do to take action are detailed below.

IRAtv: Inherting an IRA as a Young Spouse and QLAC Discussion

We have talked about inheriting IRAs as a younger spouse as well as QLACs (qualified longevity annuity contracts) and their compatibility with IRAs now that they have meshed with IRA required minimum distribution (RMD) rules. Along with the articles below, we gathered in Chicago just over one week ago for a video roundtable to answer some of the frequently asked questions on the topics as well as provide advisors and consumers with an educational audio/visual component.

The Importance of Taking RMDs on Time with Taxes, Penalties Looming

There are several ways you can end up with a missed required distribution and a pile of penalties and tax-time confusion. We detail each of them below.

Ed Slott Analyzes EBRI Study: Roth IRAs Growing TWICE as Fast as Traditional IRAs

In lieu of today's Slott Report Mailbag, we wanted to share an important study from EBRI on IRAs and Roth IRAs. Ed Slott was contacted and extensively interviewed on the report's findings. Below, we will break down the important numbers as well as Ed's detailed analysis on what it all means in the retirement planning landscape.

Roth IRA Conversion Week: Social Analysis and Final Thoughts

Our Roth Conversion Week detailed many facets of the Roth conversion conversation ("Is a Roth conversion right for me?"), the advantages and disadvantages of conversions into Roth IRAs and Roth 401(k)s and finally, the Top 10 Roth conversion mistakes you should avoid.

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