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The 3.8% Health Care Surtax: Your Questions, Our Answers

So far this year, we've received a lot of questions on the new 3.8% health care surtax, so we decided to take a few of the most frequently asked questions and answer them here, so that everyone can benefit from them.

Join America's IRA Experts Next Week in Orlando!

Over 100 of the nation's top financial advisors will be at the Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport Hotel next Monday and Tuesday, March 11-12, for Ed Slott's 2-Day IRA Workshop, Instant IRA Success.

Congress' Retirement Benefits: With Low Approval Ratings, Are They Worth It?

As I was looking for information on pension plans for our U.S. presidents, I came across information on pension plans for members of Congress, the group of individuals we elect to set tax and spending policies for our government. The same group of individuals who miss crucial deadlines for setting policies time after time after time. The same group that gives us phased-in provisions in legislation, temporary provisions that expire or are supposed to expire but get renewed over and over again.

Slott Report Mailbag: Is a Qualified Disclaimer of an IRA Reported to IRS?

Retirement planning has many nuances, far more than the average investor can adequately negotiate. That is why an educated financial advisor is so important. He or she can help said investor navigate all pitfalls and answer all questions. This week's Slott Report Mailbag looks at some tricky subjects - disclaimers, step transactions, investing options within a Roth. These people didn't have the right answers - but a knowledgeable financial advisor should.

How to Reduce Your 2012 Tax 2013!

There isn't much you can do now, in 2013, to lower your tax liability for 2012. One possible way, however, can not only help you save money on your 2012 taxes, but can also help you plan for retirement. I'm talking, of course, about a deductible IRA contribution. 2012 IRA contributions can be made up until April 15, 2013 and, if you meet certain criteria, you can take a deduction for that contribution, thus reducing your 2012 tax liability. If you haven't made an IRA contribution for 2012 and are wondering if you can make a deductible IRA contribution now to help reduce your 2012 tax bill, follow the questions below to find your answer.

Revised IRS Publication Addresses Key Education Savings Accounts, Penalty Exceptions

The IRS just released the updated version of Publication 970, Tax Benefits for Education (For use in preparing 2012 Returns). It discusses a relatively unknown savings account called a Coverdell Education Savings Account (known as a CESA or ESA). An ESA is set up to pay the qualified education expenses of a child or student, known as a designated beneficiary.

Comparing a Former U.S. President's Pension to YOURS

Prior to 1958, the U.S. did not provide a pension for its former presidents. George Washington retired to Mount Vernon where he resumed his role as a plantation owner/farmer. Abraham Lincoln did not live to collect a pension. His wife, Mary Todd Lincoln, petitioned Congress for a widow's pension in 1870, five years after Lincoln's death. She was awarded the sum of $3,000 a year.

Slott Report Mailbag: Can I Convert IRA Funds to a Roth IRA as a Beneficiary?

Retirement planning is about time...and it sure does fly. Maximizing your time and planning early (while thinking about how to minimize risk later in life) is quintessential to any successful plan. This week's Slott Report Mailbag examines ages (particularly ages 59 1/2 and age 70 1/2) as they relate to retirement planning.

IRAs and Social Security: Fact or Fiction?

Social Security has been a popular topic of conversation among current and soon-to-be retirees as well as Washington lawmakers as Congress tries to deal with a major deficit issue. Below we talk about some of the ties between IRAs and Social Security as well as some of the misconceptions.

Can Medicaid Take My IRA?

With many Americans living much longer due to advances in medicine, some seniors have asked whether Medicaid can take their IRA to pay for nursing home care, should they require it at some point. The answer to that question is complicated and should be addressed by an elder-care planner. Some general information follows.

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