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Roth Recharacterization Reminder, IRA Trust October Deadline

This week's video blog highlights the information covered this week at The Slott Report, including an article on the October IRA trust deadline and the final part in the series on the variation in IRA rules state to state.

Important October Deadlines for IRAs

October is almost here, and with the turning of the page comes some important IRA deadlines you should add to the calendar.

SEP Accounts and Recharacterizations Highlight Mailbag

This week's Slott Report Mailbag includes questions about converting part of an active SEP (Simplified Employee Pension) to a Roth IRA and the recharacterization process as it concerns tax returns.

IRAs and Different State Provisions (2 of 3)

When many people think about the rules that govern IRAs, they see them as universal rules, applicable to everyone equally in all circumstances. While many rules do, in fact, apply to everyone equally, variations in state law can also create significant differences in how IRAs are treated in different states.

Last Call for Qualified Charitable Distributions?

The topic of qualified charitable distributions (QCDs) is one we have written about several times here in The Slott Report, most recently last December. Well, it’s time to write about it again as the legislation that allows QCDs is due to expire at the end of this year, absent an extension enacted by Congress. Thus, if you are or will be age 70 ½ or older by December 31, 2011, you definitely need to be aware of QCDs.

Important October Deadlines, IRA Roundtable Videos, QCDs

This week at The Slott Report, we will cover several important topics with upcoming deadlines. Below is the schedule of articles, and make sure to view our Instant IRA Success Roundtable Videos posted below and at our YouTube page.

What Distributions Can You Take From an Employer Retirement Plan?

What distributions can you take from an employer-based retirement plan? We get this question all the time and the answer is always the same.

Welcome to Ed Slott's 2-Day IRA Workshop at the Arizona Biltmore

Welcome to Ed Slott's 2-Day IRA Workshop, Instant IRA Success, at the Arizona Biltmore Resort and Spa in Phoenix, Arizona. We look forward to seeing all attendees tomorrow morning!

Locating Your Missing IRA Beneficiary Form

We have written many times on the importance of completing and filing a designated beneficiary form for all of your IRAs. If no designated beneficiary form is filed with your IRA custodian, or if one cannot be located, the identity of your beneficiary will be governed by default language contained in the IRA agreement, if any. Leaving to chance what may be the most critical aspect of your family’s financial future is not a smart planning move.

Recharacterization: What Amount Goes On The Form?

You are going to see a lot of information on the recharacterization deadline for 2010 Roth conversions, which is rapidly approaching, so you should be able to figure out what you need to do to accomplish a recharacterization. I want to answer the most crucial question for you, the one that confuses many people, and the one that is left out of most articles. When the form says how much do you want to recharacterize, what do you put down?

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