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Beneficiary Form Mistakes: How to Avoid Losing Your ENTIRE Retirement Fortune

Ed Slott, America's IRA Expert, details the importance of having a current beneficiary form and describes how missing this key point can be costly for your intended retirement account beneficiaries. This IRAtv video goes through naming beneficiaries, using trusts as beneficiaries and lessons to learn to avoid costly mistakes and keep retirement plans updated.

Inherited IRAs Are Not Tax-Free Inheritances

In a recent case, a non-spouse beneficiary learned that an inherited IRA is taxable and is not treated as a tax-free “inheritance.” He received a total distribution from his deceased Mom’s IRA and thought that the IRA was an inheritance and not taxable. Accordingly, he never even filed a tax return to show the withdrawal. He was wrong on both points and had to pay the back taxes plus IRS penalties for not filing his return.

IRA Trust, Transfer and Beneficiary Questions Highlight Mailbag

This week's Slott Report Mailbag really strikes at the importance of proactive planning. One concerned consumer is worried his mother won't receive any of her deceased husband's IRA and others are inquiring on taxes, penalties and transfers. Retirement planning, IRAs and the nuances that come with them are so important to all families. We hope you are enjoying the summer and learn something from the questions, answers and situations below.

IRAtv: Roth IRA Contribution and Conversion Differences and Limits

Ed Slott answered a consumer question about Roth IRA contributions and conversions in this installment of IRAtv. America's IRA Expert details the differences, limits and processes involved with Roth IRA contributions and conversions.

Back to IRA School: Educational Expense Exception to 10% Penalty (Part 1 of 4)

Can you believe it? We're now 7 full months into 2012 already. And while there's more fun in the sun to be had before summer comes to an end, August has traditionally signaled the start of the back to school season. With that in mind, we thought we'd spend a little time talking about the educational expense exception to the 10% penalty.

IRA Beneficiaries, IRA Rollovers, Minor Beneficiaries Highlight Mailbag

Two Slott Report Mailbags in one week?! Yes, we are here a day earlier than normal to answer a few consumer questions (they are piling up) on IRA rollovers, IRA beneficiaries and naming minors as IRA beneficiaries.

Inherited IRAs Do's and Don'ts Checklist

Are you inheriting an IRA? Here is a quick checklist for you. This list is designed for individuals who inherit as named beneficiaries. Some items will be different for a spouse beneficiary or if an estate or a trust inherits an IRA.

What Happens When the Estate Inherits an IRA?

We frequently see situations where the estate is the IRA beneficiary either because the beneficiary form was never completed, has been lost by the IRA custodian, or, worst of all, the account owner actually named the estate as the beneficiary of the IRA. What options do you have when the estate inherits the IRA? We explain below.

3 Questions on the Estate Tax Exemptions

Welcome to this month's installment of Are You an IRA Expert? Always thought you knew more than the next guy about IRAs and retirement accounts? Well now’s your chance to prove it. Below are three questions, ranging from beginner to expert. Test your IRA skills by trying to get all three right!

2011 IRA Contribution: It's Not Too Late to Change Your Mind

Even though the 2011 tax season for most of us ended on April 17, 2012, some of us who made a timely IRA contribution for 2011 might have changed our mind on that IRA contribution. Specifically, some individuals who contributed to one type of IRA for last year may now want to change that contribution into a different type of IRA contribution.

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