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rmd necessary from 457 roth?

we know there is never rmd for roth ira
i have money in state government job 457 roth, and still working, ( i hit 70 1/2 next week)
do i have to take rmd from the 457 roth at all,

at 70 1/2, or,
when i eventually retire

getting conflicting, unclear advice on google

thanks all

Designated Roth RMD requirements are the same as those for pre tax qualified plans. RMDs for govt employees do not begin until after retirement in either plan, although any particular plan does have the authority to require all employees to start RMDs at 70.5. Most likely your required beginning date for the Roth 457 will be 4/1 of the year following the year in which you retire. If you are allowed to roll the Roth 457 balance to your Roth IRA this year or any year before the year you retire, you will avoid RMDs on the Roth balance rolled over entirely. If you wait and do this rollover in the year you retire or later, an RMD for that particular year will be required.

thxthat is so clear


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