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Can I Claim IRA Fees as a Tax Deduction?

ed slott IRA questions
This week's Slott Report Mailbag, proudly sponsored by GoldCo Precious Metals, answers questions on claiming IRA fees as a tax deduction and whether or not you should have a separate Roth IRA for every conversion.

Young Savers: Ignore This REALLY Bad 401(k) Savings Advice

bad retirement advice for young savers
Young savers are impressionable. They read an article on a credible website and think it's full of actionable ideas they should start implementing. However, young savers, please don't follow James Altucher's advice on 401(k) planning. Here's why.

Finding Benefit Programs and Assistance for People Over Age 55

BenefitsCheckUp National Council on Aging
If you are over age 55 or are trying to find assistance for someone who is, you may not know what questions to ask or where to look for benefit assistance and programs. But there is help. Read on for more information on BenefitsCheckUp.

Do I HAVE to Take Distributions From My Traditional IRA?

ed slott IRA questions
This week's Slott Report Mailbag, proudly sponsored by GoldCo Precious Metals, includes questions on some key IRA principles - taking IRA distributions, handling an inherited IRA as a non-spouse beneficiary and navigating required minimum distributions (RMDs).

3 Rules You Must Know About the 3.8% Surtax

3.8% surtax net investment income
The rules governing the 3.8% surtax are incredibly complicated, and it is unlikely that you will ever need to know more than a handful of them. If you have an IRA or other retirement account, that handful of rules likely includes one or more of the three discussed in this article.

Who's Answering the 800 Number? Perhaps a Retirement Education "Specialist"

retirement education specialist can be inaccurate job title
Who is answering the phone when you call an 800 number with a question about your employer plan? In many cases it is a “retirement education specialist.” I recently saw an ad for this position. Here is what the retirement education specialist is responsible for.

Can You Use Your IRA to Buy Health Insurance?

using IRA to buy health insurance
We were recently asked whether you can use your IRA to buy health insurance. The short answer to that question is yes, but it will cost you. We explain the tax and penalty implications and possible exceptions for which you may qualify.

Will My Federal Estate Tax Exemption Transfer to My Spouse?

ed slott IRA questions
This week's Slott Report Mailbag, proudly sponsored by GoldCo Precious Metals, includes questions on concluding if the "age 55 rule" is applicable and understanding the transfer of the estate tax exemption.

New Report Shows Fewer Retirees Claiming Social Security Benefits at Age 62

delaying social security benefits past age 62
Deciding the best time to claim your Social Security benefits is an intensely personal decision that can have a truly significant impact on your overall retirement security. In general, you can begin collecting reduced retirement benefits as early as age 62. But a new study reveals that many more people are waiting longer.

5 Ways to Help the Moms In Your Life Get Ready for Retirement

5 ways to help mom with retirement
Mother’s Day 2015 is over, but you can help the moms in your life get ready for retirement every day. Women typically earn less than men for the same job and have fewer years in the workforce. That makes it all the more important for women to use every opportunity they have to save for retirement. Here are five ways you can help.


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