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How Do I Report a Tax-Free Rollover on My Tax Return?

This week's Slott Report Mailbag examines a situation involving a spousal IRA beneficiary (the exact topic we detailed in this month's IRA Focus) as well as the procedure for reporting a tax-free IRA rollover during tax season (a key issue with April 15 right around the corner). Find the answers to these issues and more in this week's mailbag.

A Clever Financial Aid Strategy: Use Roth IRA Distributions to Pay Off Loans

Using Roth IRAs to Pay off Student Loans
On Monday, we posted an article to The Slott Report detailing 3 reasons why you may want to use a Roth IRA instead of a 529 plan to help save for a child’s college education. Since then, we’ve received a fair amount of feedback from readers and follow-up questions, many of which asked if using a Roth IRA to pay for a child's education expenses now would impact their aid in the future. We have the answer.

Your IRA Required Beginning Date is April 1 NOT April 15

IRA required beginning date
If you turned age 70 ½ last year in 2014 and have a traditional, SEP or SIMPLE IRA, you must start taking required minimum distributions (RMDs) for that year and every year going forward. When is the required beginning date? IRA Technical Expert Joe Cicchinelli puts you on a deadline you must meet to avoid steep penalties.

3 Reasons to Use a Roth IRA Over a 529 Plan for Education Savings

Using Roth IRAs to Pay for College
For some time now, the cost of a college degree has been rising at perilously high rates, and as a result, the dream of one day going to college, for many, remains just that ... a dream. With college tuition and associated costs rising so dramatically, it’s no surprise that people are looking for new and creative ways to save for these expenses. One such alternative method involves the use of a Roth IRA over more traditional college savings vehicles, such as 529 plans and Coverdell education savings account. Here are three reasons why it may be a good move.

Can a Non-Spouse Beneficiary Do a 60-Day Rollover?

This week's Slott Report Mailbag looks at whether required minimum distributions can be used as a qualification for a Roth IRA contribution and dissects a situation involving the Roth recharacterization process.

SEP and SIMPLE IRAs Are Not Savings Accounts

SEP IRAs are not savings accounts
Did you set up a SEP or SIMPLE IRA thinking it was a savings account for your retirement? While it is a way to save for retirement, it is NOT a savings account. Our IRA Technical Expert Beverly DeVeny explains why.

The Deceased Don't Make Good IRA Beneficiaries

IRA beneficiary form update
Almost all IRA owners named their IRA beneficiary when they first opened the account. In many cases, it was their spouse or parent. However, disaster can strike if that primary beneficiary dies before you do and you don't update the IRA beneficiary form. This horror story provides a valuable lesson.

New Ed Slott and Company Resource, IRA Focus

Ed Slott IRA education and outflow resource
10,000 Baby Boomers retire every day. IRAs make up the largest single share of the retirement market with an estimated $7.3 trillion in assets. This isn't an imposing challenge for your business. It's an immense opportunity. So, how do you reach these individuals, help them navigate Uncle Sam, live the retirement of their dreams and leave a legacy for their heirs? The answer is this new resource from Ed Slott and Company.

Can I Move My Required Distributions to a Roth IRA?

ed slott IRA questions
This week's Slott Report Mailbag examines if you can move an employer 401(k) plan to a Roth 401(k) and answers whether or not you can move your required minimum distributions (RMDs) to a Roth IRA.

5 SMART Ideas For Your Tax Refund

How to spend your tax refund
The 2015 tax season is now in full swing. As you finish preparing your own return for this year, maybe you were too generous with Uncle Sam last year, and he owes you a refund. If that’s the case, here are 5 ways you might consider using this year’s tax refund other than heading off to the Caribbean or buying a new flat-screen TV.


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