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What Happens to Your IRA When Your Beneficiary Dies?

So, what happens to your IRA when your beneficiary dies? It all depends if the beneficiary dies before or after you. Let's look at a few examples to illustrate the differences.

2015 IRA Distribution Being Rolled Over in 2016? 4 Facts You Must Know

The rules for rolling over IRA distributions can be complicated. These rules can become especially challenging at the end of the calendar year. If you are taking a distribution from your IRA at end of 2015 and considering a roll over that may not be completed until 2016, here are four facts you will want to know.

Can Primary Beneficiaries Disclaim and Dictate Where the Inherited IRA Funds Go?

This week's Slott Report Mailbag examines the statute of limitations on assessing additional tax liabilities on required minimum distributions (RMDs) and answers questions on utilizing disclaimers on inherited IRA funds and planning for and paying estimated tax payments.

Thinking About Retirement In Your 20s!

Many recent college graduates, those just starting a full-time job or growing their family don't think long term. They push off a retirement savings plan to handle more pressing financial needs. This story illustrates why saving for retirement IS actually one of those pressing needs.

Roth IRAs and Retirees: 10 Facts You Will Want to Know

Are you retired? If so, you may think that a Roth IRA is not for you. Before deciding if a Roth IRA will benefit you as a retiree, here are 10 facts that you will want to know.

When Must My Wife Take Her First Required Minimum Distribution?

The Slott Report Mailbag is full of inquisitive consumers searching for answers on the pro-rata rule, the intricacies of IRA rollovers, and the "due dates" for an IRA owner's first and second required minimum distributions (RMDs).

October's Top 10 Retirement Facts and Figures

Did you know that about 70% of those who make it to age 65 will eventually need some kind of long-term care? Here's the complete list of October's Top 10 retirement facts and figures.

RMDs from Inherited IRAs

You inherited an IRA or Roth IRA in 2014. Do you have to take a required minimum distribution (RMD) this year? We examine the answers for non-spouse beneficiaries, spousal beneficiaries and more.

myRAs Are Now Available to More Savers

If you are just starting to save for your retirement or have a family member who is wondering what steps to take for a secure retirement, the recent announcement from the Treasury Department expanding the myRA program is important news. Here's how you can utilize them.

Illiquid IRA Assets and Satisfying Your RMD

An advisor called about a client who has a bond in his IRA that is in default. He has not taken his required minimum distribution (RMD) from that IRA account for the last three years because the bond is illiquid at this point in time. He does have other IRAs. What should he do?


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