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Do You Really Know What a Rollover Is?

Understanding a retirement plan rollover
Everyone thinks they know what a rollover is, but do they really? A rollover is when you move retirement funds from one account to another. Well, that is partially right. We examine the true definition of a rollover in the employer plan and IRA worlds.

Fox Business Channel: Why Your Retirement Is At Risk

Ed Slott IRA videos
Your retirement is at risk - but it's not necessarily because of the reasons you might think. Ed Slott sat down with Fox Business Channel's Mornings with Maria to discuss why taxes are your retirement's public enemy No. 1. Some financial advisors don't know the ever-changing tax rules, others make IRA rollover mistakes that can wipe out a client's life savings and even others don't know how to deal with inherited IRAs and the pitfalls that can befall beneficiaries.

What You Should Do If You Find Out You Weren't Eligible to Make That 2015 Roth Contribution

This week's Slott Report Mailbag answers a few inquisitive readers on what to do if you just found out you aren't eligible to make a Roth conversion or contribution in a given year and if you can name a trust as an IRA beneficiary.

Why Your Retirement Account COULD Become A Lot More Valuable If Hillary Clinton Becomes President

Hillary Clinton Tax Proposals Benefit Retirement Plans
Retirement accounts are already powerful savings vehicles. If Hillary Clinton becomes President, these floated tax plans paint a beneficial picture for your retirement account.

5 Exceptions to the One-Per-Year 60-Day Rollover Rule

One-per-year 60-day IRA rollover exceptions
Beginning in 2015, individuals are only allowed to do one 60-day rollover in a year. A 60-day rollover is when a distribution is issued payable to the account owner. They can cash the check or they can spend funds that were deposited into a bank or other type of account. In this article, we asses 5 exceptions to the one-per-year 60-day IRA rollover rule and provide three examples.

Do You Know Who Will Inherit Your IRA?

Who inherits my IRA?
You have contributed to your IRA for years. You have made wise and thoughtful investments. Maybe you have rolled over funds to your IRA from your company plan. You may now have a significant balance. So far, you have taken smart steps toward a secure future. Don’t stop your careful planning there. It is time to ask yourself an important question, “Who will inherit my IRA?”

Does Each Roth IRA Need Its Own Five-Year Clock?

ed slott IRA questions
This week's Slott Report Mailbag answers whether each separate Roth IRA needs its own five-year clock and if you can convert non-deductible Traditional IRA funds to a Roth IRA. Do you know the answers?

A Retirement Planning Provision Hidden in a Trade Bill

Age 50 Exception retirement planning provision expansion inside trade bill
What does a trade bill have to do with retirement accounts? Well, buried deep inside one of the bills was a provision expanding the “Age 50 Exception” to the 10% early distribution penalty, beginning in 2016. Here's what you need to know.

Dealing with Foreign Persons and Retirement Accounts in Global Economy

foreign persons retirement account rules
Can you name someone who lives in a foreign country as a beneficiary of your IRA? What happens when a non-citizen owns or inherits an IRA? We answer these frequently asked questions as the global economy continues to grow.

Moving Your IRA Funds? Learn These 3 Lessons From Others' Mistakes

IRA rollover mistakes 3 lessons to learn
Are you thinking about moving IRA funds? This recent Private Letter Ruling (PLR 201527050) issued by the IRS provides 3 useful lessons so you don't make these same mistakes.


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