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Converting to Roth under the CARES Act

I understand from your comments that under the CARES Act the there is no requirement for taking out the RMD in 2020 similar to what was done in 2009. Is there also a provision in this Act to stretch out paying the tax if I was to convert my IRA to a Roth IRA like it was in 2009.
Thanks for your reponse

No. However, a closely related question has come up. Can coronavirus related distribution that can be rolled back anytime in the next 3 years be converted to a Roth IRA instead, since the taxes for a coronavirus related distribution can be made equally over 3 years?  As far as I can tell, the answer is no, but am not totally sure yet. The eligible plans to receive the rollover of this distribution does not seem to include Roth IRA under Sec 408A.


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