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How To Prove Aggregate RMD Amount From Multiple IRA's

How do you prove that you withdrew a big enough RMD from a single Inherited Beneficiary IRA account when you have more than 1? I have 2 that I split from 1 that I originally inherited from my mother after she passed away a few years ago. I understand about calculating the RMD from each account, but if you take a big enough RMD from just 1, how do you prove it?

Why do you need to prove it?  Proof is generally necessary only if the IRS questions whether or not you made distributions totaling the entire amount required, and that's unlikely since the IRA will have all Forms 1099-R and 5498 needed to show that you took out the necessary amount.  You will also receive copies of those forms.  Your account statements showing end-of year FMV and distributions are also substantiating documentation, along with proof if the details necessary to determining the distribution period.

Is the IRA custodian of the account from which the RMD was taken asking for documentation?  If so, you should be able to present it by showing them a copy of your year end 2019 statement for the other account and a current statement showing no distributions. They will also show the inherited IRA registration for that account. The custodian of the distributing account should be able to understand the RMD aggregation rules if inherited from the same decedent, and that the amount you distributed was entirely RMD obligations.


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