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Ed Slott is a best-selling author of multiple books that strike at the importance of retirement planning and provide easy-to-understand action plans that lead to a bright, sound financial future.

Ed Slott's Retirement Decisions Guide: 2017 Edition

Ed Slott’s powerful educational guide for both consumers and financial advisors demonstrates the step-by-step strategies needed to build and protect a family fortune. New strategies. New tax rules. YOUR 2017 guide to a secure financial future.

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Fund Your Future: A Tax-Smart Savings Plan in Your 20s and 30s

Ed Slott's Fund Your Future provides a tax-smart savings plan for recent college graduates, young professionals and those just starting a family and individuals who are determined to take ownership of their financial well-being.

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Ed Slott's Retirement Savings Time Bomb ... and How to Defuse It

This edition explains what people need to know to keep their money and pass it on to their families. This book is for every American with savings who is planning to retire and needs to create a plan today.

Stay Rich for Life

Ed Slott details his proven plan for generating enough wealth to last your lifetime.

Parlay Your IRA Into A Family Fortune

This book shows readers how to make the most of their retirement plans, including tips on how to achieve unlimited tax-free income after retirement, protect retirement funds from creditors and use a Roth IRA to build a tax-free fortune.

Your Complete Retirement Planning Road Map

Ed Slott offers expert advice on weathering the perfect storm of financial instability that looms on the horizon.

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