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Do you belong to a company, civic group or other organization that would benefit from independent, easy-to-understand and unbiased retirement financial education?

Americans spend their lives stockpiling assets into IRAs and retirement accounts banking their future dreams on one ultimate goal: growth.

But what happens when it’s time for you or your employees to financially transition to the second half of the game? Do you have a road map to guide you through the penalties and pitfalls that befall even the savviest investors?

It’s not how much you make, but how much you keep that counts. And most financial advisors simply don’t have the expertise needed to assist with the critical tax law understanding required for taking distributions from your retirement accounts.

If you are ready to learn how to:

Take full advantage of tax laws to maximize your retirement saving efforts

  • Understand critical tax and estate planning considerations for your assets in your life and beyond
  • Recognize the biggest, most expensive and most common mistakes retirees make with their lifesavings
  • Identify and qualify financial professionals before trusting their advice, and the critical questions you need to be asking!

Ed Slott and Company is here to help. Our team of America’s IRA Experts are available to tailor a training program to your group’s specific goals.

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Additional Consumer Resources

In addition to private speaking events, public television programs and our Find an Advisor resource, be sure to take advantage of our vast range of content resources available to the public, including:

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  • The Slott Report Mailbag: Submit your questions to our IRA experts as we select and answer new topics each Thursday in The Slott Report!
  • Discussion Forum: Interact with our community of fellow Slott members, and start or join the conversation!
  • Monthly IRA Updates: Sign-up to receive our monthly email highlighting the best of The Slott Report, trending retirement topics and news.
  • IRA Shopping Center: Purchase in-depth and user-friendly multimedia resources including our bestselling books, white papers, newsletters and CDs.



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