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The second half of the game makes the difference.

Diligent savers enter the second half of retirement planning with little insight into the complex tax and distribution planning dangers that can wipe away the sacrifice made during their working years. What good is investment growth if you can't reap the rewards in retirement?

We are the nation's leading educators and purveyors of accurate, timely IRA expertise and analysis to financial advisors and consumers across the country. Education is the only avenue to avoid the roadblocks set up by Uncle Sam - a man with deep pockets just waiting to collect more taxes and penalties associated with unreliable, inadequate planning by advisors on behalf of their clients.

We educate financial advisors on the complexities of IRAs so they are better equipped to navigate their clients through the tax and distribution planning necessary to achieve financial security. We provide various training programs and educational resources, including our 2-Day IRA Workshop, our eSeminar training program and Ed Slott's IRA Advisor monthly newsletter.

For financial advisors who want to take IRA planning for their clients and their families to the next level, Ed Slott’s Elite IRA Advisor Group℠ was created in 2005 as an exclusive membership group dedicated to leadership in the IRA industry. These advisors receive continuous training through 2 live workshops per year, webcasts, email alerts and support from our IRA Technical Experts. There are over 400 members throughout the country armed with current, cutting-edge IRA information to help serve their clients. 

We continue to bring IRA education to the masses through national Public Television specials aimed to teach consumers how to ask the right questions, find quality financial advisors and get the most out of their retirement savings. The Public Television specials have been viewed by millions of Americans and have raised millions of dollars in donations for Public Television.  

We do not sell or endorse any financial products. We are an educational company striving daily to help financial institutions, financial advisors and insurance companies become recognized leaders in the IRA marketplace and promote the importance of knowledge and expertise in this complicated area of retirement planning.

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