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America’s IRA Experts are in Las Vegas!

This week, Ed and I (Jeffrey Levine) are in Las Vegas for the first ever AICPA Engage Conference. Engage has taken some of the biggest (and in my humble opinion, best) AICPA conferences, such as the Advanced Personal Financial Planning Conference and the Advanced Estate Planning Conference, and merged them into one giant conference.

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How to LOSE an IRA in Divorce

I had an interesting question from an advisor. His married clients don’t like each other anymore. They have considered their options; stay together, get a legal separation, or get a divorce. They have decided to do none of these things.

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Roth IRA Contributions: 3 Keys You Need to Know

Ed Slott and Company IRA Technical Consultant Jeffrey Levine discusses 3 key factors you need to know when planning or thinking about a Roth IRA contribution. You can view the video below and make sure to subscribe to our IRAtv YouTube page for the latest IRA, retirement and tax planning videos.

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Roth Conversions and the Pro-Rata Rule

For IRA distribution purposes, all IRAs (except Roth IRAs) are considered one big giant IRA. It doesn’t matter if you have one IRA that was rolled over from a former employer, and one SEP IRA with your current employer, and one contributory IRA where you put annual contributions, and one after-tax IRA where you put contributions for which you do not take a deduction. All four IRAs will be considered one IRA any time you take a distribution.

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Leaving Retirement Money to Stepchildren

Many of you have stepchildren. It's perfectly fine to name stepchildren as the beneficiary of your retirement funds. However, care must be taken when naming them as the beneficiary.

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Slott Report Blog Party: Join Us to Celebrate Retirement Planning Education!

Welcome! Ed Slott and Company believes retirement planning education is worth celebrating, so we are putting on our party hats, lighting the candles and spending the day educating YOU - offering discounted books and a free download and holding live chats so you can have a better perspective on retirement planning from various points of view.

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FREE Money: Matching Contributions in Employer Retirement Plans

Employer retirement plans such as 401(k)s and SIMPLE IRA plans offer a matching contribution to employees who choose to contribute. These plans provide that your employer will match some portion of the amount you contribute to your retirement account.

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IRAs are Not Transferable During Your Lifetime

Can you put your IRA into your trust? NO Can you transfer it to your spouse? NO. We explain why below.

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Accounting Firm Penalized $34 Million for Promoting Illegal Tax Shelters Involving IRAs

The IRS announced that it reached a financial settlement with an accounting firm that promoted illegal tax shelters, some of which involved Roth IRAs. BDO USA LLP was fined $34.4 million dollars for its part in promoting and not reporting various tax shelters over seven years. Some of these abusive tax shelters involved the use of Roth IRAs.

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IRAtv: Can You Consolidate Converted Roth IRA Funds?

We received an IRA mailbag question from Greg, who wanted to know if he could consolidate all of his separate converted Roth IRA funds into one account. Two important factors to answer this question are: 1) how long have the converted funds been in the Roth IRA? 2) how old is Greg?

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